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    BS EN 13445:2021

    BS EN 13445:2021

    EN 13445

    This standard establishes the requirements for the design, manufacture, control and maintenance of pressure vessels operating at either internal or external pressures exceeding 0.5 bar.

    BS EN 13445:2021

    EN13445:2021 specifies the requirements for the design, manufacture, testing and operational use of gas cylinders. It is applicable to all types of gas cylinders, including those used for compressed, liquefied and dissolved gases, except cryogenic vessels.

    The standard covers aspects such as material selection, construction methods, safety valves and pressure relief devices. It also includes requirements for inspection and testing of gas cylinders.

    EN13445:2021 is not applicable to containers for transportation by road or rail.

    What are the requirements of EN13445:2021

    In order to meet the requirements of EN13445:2021, a pressure vessel must be designed and constructed in accordance with an agreed upon procedure. This procedure must take into account the type of materials to be used in the pressure vessel, the intended use of the pressure vessel, and the applicable safety regulations.

    The pressure vessel must also be inspected and tested in accordance with an agreed upon schedule. This schedule must include tests for material strength, welding quality, and pressure vessel integrity.

    Finally, the pressure vessel must be labeled in accordance with ISO 13445:2003. This label must include information on the maximum allowable working pressure, the date of manufacture, the serial number, and the name of the manufacturer.

    What are the benefits of EN13445:2021

    There are many benefits to using EN13445:2021 for your business. This standard provides guidance on the requirements for pressure vessels and their components. It helps ensure that pressure vessels are designed and built safely, and that they meet all the relevant safety regulations.

    EN13445:2021 can help you improve the safety of your pressure vessels, and it can also help you save money. This standard provides guidance on how to design and construct pressure vessels so that they are less likely to fail. This can help you avoid costly repairs or replacements, and it can also help you avoid injuries or accidents.

    This standard can also help you improve the efficiency of your pressure vessels. By following the guidance in this standard, you can make sure that your pressure vessels are designed and built to work correctly. This can help you save energy and resources, and it can also help you reduce emissions.

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